About Rayhanah

Rayyan Salsabila is the largest importer of prophetic food products in Malaysia such as original Yemen Honey from the Hadramawt Valley. The grade and production quality of our products strictly adheres to international standards.  Prophetic food products are better products created from science, which is used as food supplements for general well-being.

Main Products from Rayhanah:

1) Hadramawt Valley Honey (Sidr, Sumur & Mara’i)

Rayhanah Certifications


– We are able to consistently supply the best honey in the world at reasonable prices, avoiding third parties to ensure that the cost importing the honey can be reduced.
– We provide the opportunity for Malaysians to enjoy the benefits of Prophetic food products, which has been acknowledged as the “Best in the World”, able to contribute towards the well-being and the health of Malaysians.


– To achieve our vision, we believe that the quality of work and the involvement of elected parties are extremely important. As such, we remain committed in ensuring that there are no third parties involved in the management of transactions and import processes. This is to maintain the quality of our products and minimise additional costs whenever possible, as not to burden our customers.


1) To consistently provide the best products in the world based on the prophetic words of Prophet Nabi Muhammad.
2) To ensure that our products reach the intended target groups through all mediums, such as electronic media and mass media. The target groups include:

A. Those suffering from any type of ailment
B. The elderly
C. Those who are health-conscious
D. Children

3) To only appoint distributors that meet the set criteria and requirements of the company to ensure that the vision, mission and objectives of the company can be achieved.
4) To expand the company to public-listed status in the Bursa Malaysia.
5) To become a Bumiputera company that is able to compete in the challenging business world.
6) To be the largest Malaysian importer of Yemen Honey for the purpose of promoting good health and the well-being of all Malaysians.
7) To achieve the net profit of RM5 million a year for the purpose of expanding missionary programmes in Malaysia that are still in planning.
8) To reach out to new customers from time to time and to maintain existing customers.
9) To become an organization that is systematic in totality in order to ensure the smooth operations and management of the business at all levels. To take into account the convenience of customers who transact with us in various mediums, according to the development of technology.

Company Business:

1) The import and supply of Grade A Yemen Honey from the Hadramawt Valley for the Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei market.
2) Appointment of potential distributors that meet the sales target and ensure consistent returns for the company.
3) Perform retail sales via online and through the participation of carnivals or exhibitions organized by Government bodies or NGOs in Malaysia.

Rayhanah Social Websites:

Website Online: Rayhanahmadu.com
Faccebook : Madu Lembah Hadramawt
Google+ : Rayhanah Madu
Instagram : Rayhanah Madu
Twitter : Rayhanah Madu
Youtube: Rayhanah Madu

Ustaz Johari Wahab
Owner/ Manager of Syarikat Rayyan Salsabila Ent.